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Proof of Disability — Disabled Persons:

Affidavits from two different Georgia physicians stating that you are 100% (totaly) and permanently disabled or paid at 100% rate, or one Georgia physician's affidavit and certification from the Social Security Administration that you are 100% (totally) and permanently disabled or paid at a 100% rate.

Proof of Diability Veteran:

Verification by the Veterans Administration as totally (100%) and permanently disabled and entitled to 100% service connected disability as of January 1 of the tax year for which you are making application. The V.A. Awards letter must state the date the 100% rating was awarded or being compensated at 100%. If applying as the un-remarried widow(er) of a veteran killed in armed conflict, documentation from the Secretary of Defense that he/she received death benefits as a result of the death of a spouse killed while on active duty.

Veterans may also qualify for an exemption based on both disability and taxable income. To determine eligibility, you must provide proof of disability as noted above and your Georgia or Federal tax return.

** If you are not required to file Federal or State Income Tax Returns, you will need to provide copies of two consecutive monthly bank statements.