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Basic Homestead is an exemption you may claim against the taxable value of your home as long as you own and occupy that home as your primary residence by December 31 of the year preceding the January 1 when the exemption is being claimed. (Bring copy of recorded Warranty Deed upon filing of initial homestead exemption.)

Applications for all exemptions may be made year round, but must be made prior to April 1st to be effective in the calendar year in which the application is made.  It is important to file for your exemptions as early as possible.  New owners must bring a copy of your recorded warranty deed when claiming all homestead exemptions.  You may contact this office to learn which exemptions you are already benefitting from or to request our brochure which explains all of the exemptions in more detail.  A taxpayer need only apply once for regular homestead, as the exemption carries over from year to year as long as no changes are made in ownership or residency. Refinancing does not remove the homestead exemption.

Filing is important to all homeowners. Application is not automatic nor does a mortgage company or closing attorney fill the application out when a home is purchased. It is a simple procedure requiring a little time and the staff of the Property Tax Division is ready and willing to assist you.